Redesigning a visually appealing web application for users' curated  polaroid pictures.

Project overview.

Redesign and rebrand PrintLoop.

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PrintLoop is a photography web application which allows users to connect their Instagram account. From their attached account, PrintLoop sends users their Instagram photos each month in polaroid form. 








Old Version 

This is the old PrintLoop website.  Before starting my redesign, I did a heuristic analysis to see what improvements I could make. I also took some notes on what I found to be missing. 

Here were some of my findings:

I couldn't find these things, which I expected as a user to exist on this page:

  1. User navigation

  2. How it works/Onboarding (attaching my instagram account and changing details on my account if need be)

  3. The logo!!!

Aside from the missing features, the design itself was a little clunky - using different fonts, colors - there just wasn't any consistent branding for the site. I knew PrintLoop needed a design overhaul so that users could feel more connected to the brand, and also understand how PrintLoop works!

FireShot Capture 034 - Printloop - www.p

My Approach.

Find what works - improve and optimize those things. From there, design what needs to be added. 

Looking at some of the key mobile designs from the first iteration which the founder made, helped me to understand what needed to be improved - the mobile version seemed to have more brand consistency with the colors. 

As a user, I would describe the mobile and desktop versions as inconsistent, and a bit out-dated design-wise. Additionally, what does PrintLoop do? These were all problems I wanted to solve moving into my redesign. Keeping the blue loop logo, I started from there and created a new redesigned PrintLoop!

Original Homepage

Home page.png

Original User Profile

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New Flow: Onboarding

New Flow: Onboarding

User Profile - Onboarding.png
User Profile - Onboarding Step 1.png
User Profile - Onboarding Step 2.png
User Profile - Onboarding Step 3.png

With the onboarding flow I created, users now had a sense of how the web application worked - I created these screens in desktop too! 

New Flow: Editing your profile

User Profile.png
Edit Profile.png
Edit Profile - Email Already Exists.png
Edit Profile - Delete Account.png

Users didn't have a way to clearly edit their profile previous to this redesign. These screens help the user to do just that!


Creator Program Landing Page.png
Edit Profile.png

Cleaner, consistent design with helpful navigation for the user across mobile and desktop! I also supplied the client with a starter design system.

This design is currently in development.

Please contact me for more PrintLoop designs.

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