How the power of batch searching will improve the truck building process


CaseStack's consolidation program is the biggest revenue driver of the business. Each week, the Consolidation team builds trucks that are in our program under Walmart, to deliver to our customers' distribution centers each week. There are aspects of the truck building process that continue to be optimized. One of which, is the data capturing of the replenishment files from Walmart. Because our users could not previously add and remove POs (purchase orders) from the files each week through our truck building platform, they were removing the POs in the files before they entered the system, throwing off the data that CaseStack has on the inventory of each customer. Tasked with ensuring the raw data is captured, I went ahead and built a more extensive search so that users could easily add and remove POs in bulk when needed.


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The Consolidation Process 

First things first, let me explain how the truck building process works at CaseStack...
This is the beginning of the consolidation process, there is more to it, but we're just going to focus on the part of the process being fixed!

VPL File Example

Users are emailed by customers telling them to remove or to add last minute orders (usually a seasonal item). Because users were deleting orders off of the excel sheet before uploading the file to our consolidation platform, CSIL, our database was not getting an accurate count of our inventory for our customers, impacting other areas of CSIL. 
The reason they were removing POs in the file before uploading to CSIL is because it was easily to bulk edit in excel versus in the consolidation platform.


Users can search and remove POs one by one here

All of the POs are selected by default, users can unselect the POs they wish to remove, only problem is, there can be hundreds of POs, so going through to find each one can be a lengthy process....

Users can see where they're at in the consolidation process

The biggest problem with their current process is that users cannot add in POs once they have uploaded the files to CSIL. They can only remove POs! 
Additionally, since this platform within CSIL is hardcoded to lots of different functionality within CSIL, there were limited options of design solutions available, while we also didn't want to make the user feel like they were leaving this page to go somewhere else, or add on more steps to the process.

The Solution

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