Adventure Seeker. Creative Thinker. Problem Solver. My name is Erika Friend and I am an end-to-end UX Designer working at CaseStack, a logistics company located in Santa Monica, California. 

My journey in user experience design began at a tech recruiting company in New Jersey. After receiving UX training, my journey led me to Los Angeles, California, where I've resided for over two years.

What I enjoy most about UX is solving problems through design, and as I learn about users' pain points and challenges, it's like I'm putting together a puzzle. It's challenging, it's powerful, it's impactful. I truly love what I do and who I work with to uncover problems and solve them together. 

Outside of designing thoughtful and intuitive experiences, I am an avid runner, traveler, and photographer. 

Fun fact: I've lived in four cities in my lifetime and Los Angeles is by far my favorite. 

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