Erika Friend

I'm a passionate and worldly UX Designer based in Los Angeles. I enjoy solving problems creatively.

Like many UX designers, I have a diverse background. I received my bachelor's degree in public relations and marketing from American University. I began my career in product marketing, specializing in sales enablement and product communications. Many of the skills I used in my day-to-day, specifically, my attention-to-detail, strong communication and writing skills, as well as my ability to build relationships quickly are skills I was able to bring to the table in my new career.

My desire and curiosity to better understand people brought me to the exciting world of user experience.  I received my design education from General Assembly in NYC where I learned UX skills and received extensive experience necessary to be a successful UX designer.

My passion for people, learning and strategy blend well with being a UX designer. My favorite part of what I do is analyzing and understanding human behavior and tapping into what makes experiences "magical" for users.

I bring empathy, creativity and thoughtfulness to all of my research and designs to better understand why users feel and think the way they do. 

Outside of being a UX designer, I am an avid runner, photographer and traveler. I have a strong yearning to explore and experience different parts of the world.

My Recent Work

Tellyvizion Website Redesign

Google Give 

Airbnb Venue Integration

I enjoy being a UX Designer because it challenges me creatively and intellectually. I'm always learning something new.


My Process

I create intuitive designs through my human-centered approach. This is the UX process I follow:



User Interviews

Competitive Analysis

Heuristic Analysis

Contextual Inquiry

User Testing



Affinity Mapping

Data Synthesis


User Journey


lightbulb (1).png

Design Studio








& iterate!

The engaging user experiences I create come from following a meticulous process. In order to design things right, user needs, goals and pain points must be discovered through the research and synthesis phases. These discoveries directly inform how a product should be designed. Designing things right happens through iterations, beginning with sketching. This process helps to identify issues from the start and to flesh out designs. By the time i get to the final stage of execution, user issues are identified and solved for and a beautiful design solution has been created (and ready for iterations at any time!).